The Association publishes two anthologies of short stories more or less annually:

Visiones: Since 1992, AEFCFT has published an anthology of original, unpublished short stories. The first two anthologies were called Visiones Propias [Personal Visions], but starting with the third, they were simply called Visiones followed by the year of publication. The anthologist chosen each year has full freedom to chose works according to his or her own tastes. This way, each anthology is unique while at the same time promoting Spanish authors as well as fantasy and science fiction.

Fabricantes de Sueños: Since 1999, AEFCFT has produced an anthology, Fabricantes de Sueños [Dream-makers], by selecting and publishing stories that had appeared in magazines and fanzines during the preceding year. The goal, despite the inevitable limits of subjectivity, is to present a book of what could be considered “the year’s best” in Spanish fantasy, science fiction, and horror.