Books from AEFCFT “on their way”

As members of the Association know, one of its purposes is to encourage the publication of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and related genres. One of the ways the Association does this is by publishing books itself.

For some time, the Association has been issuing two annual anthologies, Visiones and Fabricantes de Sueños. However, we’ve “skipped” a few years, which is a pity. There isn’t much we can do about Visiones, since it serves to showcase stories by new writers. Although some of us like to read about traveling back in time, we can’t go back and correct that omission or even enjoy the trip. We’ll leave that kind of solution to literary imagination.

On the other hand, we can do something about the present (and the future). That’s why Visiones 2012 is coming. In April we learned which stories were chosen for it by the Verdhugo blog team, which volunteered to edit the anthology:

  • “El aeropuerto del fin del mundo” [“The Airport at the End of the World”], Tamara Romero
  • “Mejoría de la muerte” [“Improvement on Death”], Weldon Penderton
  • “Alma compartida” [“Shared Soul”], Óscar Muñoz Caneiro
  • “La voz de la razón” [“The Voice of Reason”], Aitor Solar Azcona
  • “La sonrisa de Mickey Mouse” [“Mickey Mouse’s Smile”], Manuel Moreno Bellosillo
  • “Mantenimiento” [“Maintenance”], Jaume Valor
  • “La increíble historia de Cristóbal, el viajero del espacio/tiempo de El Corte Inglés (o de cómo puedes encontrarte un agujero de gusano donde menos te lo esperas)” [“The Incredible Story of Christopher, the Space-Time Traveler at El Corte Inglés Department Store (or How to Find a Wormhole Where You Least Expect It)”], F. Javier Martínez Sánchez
  • “Horizonte de sucesos” [“Event Horizon”], Sara Sacristán Horcajada
  • “El día después del fin del mundo” [“The Day After the End of the World”], Ricardo Cortés Pape
  • “La vorágine” [“The Maelstrom”], Ricardo Montesinos
  • “El señor de los anillos a través de los tiempos”[“The Lord of the Rings Through Time”], Pedro López Manzano
  • “Que empiece de nuevo la matanza” [“Let the Massacre Start Again”], Ángel Guardiola Gómez
  • “Hasta nunca Seinfeld” [“Never Before Seinfeld”], Marco Antonio Marcos Fernández
  • “El antepasado de la bola de cristal” [“The Ancestor of the Crystal Ball”], Mario Barranco Navea
  • “Los orcos no comen golosinas” [“Orcs Don’t Eat Candy”], Carlos López Hernando

We’ll be publishing the book for free distribution to the 2012 members, obviously. Those who weren’t members can buy it in bookshops that specialize in the genre.

But that’s not all. Soon we hope to be able to announce the details for … Visiones 2013. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The future takes time.

Where we can get up to date is with the anthologies of Fabricantes de sueños, since its contents are selected from the best stories for a given period of time. Since the past can’t be erased (at least right now), we can always look back and select the best stories from a given period of time. And that’s the plan: to publish Fabricantes de sueños 2010-2011 and Fabricantes de sueños 2012-2013.

We hope these books see the light of day as soon as possible.