2012 Ignotus Awards

The Ignotus Award is a literary prize established in 1991 and presented annually by the Spanish Association of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror to Spanish and foreign authors for works published in Spain during the previous year.

The 2012 Ignotus Awards were presented at XXX Hispacon /II Imagicon in Urbieta, Spain, on October 13, 2012. The winners were:

Best Novel: Fieramente Humano [Fiercely Human] by Rodolfo Martínez
Best Novella: “La textura de tu piel” [“The Texture of Your Skin”] by David Jasso
Best Short Story: “Mytolític” [“Mytholithic”] by Sergio Mars
Best Anthology: Abismos [Abysms] by David Jasso
Best Non-Fiction Book: Blade Runner. Lo que Deckard no sabía [Blade Runner: What Deckard Didn’t Know] by Jesús Alonso Burgos
Best Article: “Gigamesh, ¿Qué fue de?” [“Gigamesh Magazine: What happened to it?”] by Ignacio Illarregui Gárate
Best Illustration: cover art for Los horrores del escalpelo [The Horrors of the Scalpel] by Alejandro Colucci
Best Audiovisual Production: Eva by Kike Maíllo
Best Comic: El héroe [The Hero] by David Rubin
Best Poem: “Histerias minúsculas”[“Minute Hysterias”] by Víctor Miguel Gallardo Barragán
Best Magazine: Calabazas en el trastero [Pumpkins in the Junkroom] http://sacodehuesos.com/calabazas-en-el-trastero
Best Website: La Tercera Fundación http://www.tercerafundacion.net/
Best Foreign Novel (tie): 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami, and La chica mecánica [The Windup Girl] by Paolo Bacigalupi
Best Foreign Story: “Ultima generación” [“Final Generation”] by Ian M. Banks

In addition, Spain’s 2012 Nocte Awards were presented by the Spanish Association of Horror Writers at the XXX Hispacon. The winners were:

Best Novel: Descosidos [Unsewn] by Javier Quevedo Puchal
Best Spanish Anthology: Abismos [Abysms] by David Jasso
Best Spanish Short Story: “La necesidad del dolor”[“The Need for Pain”] by José María Tamparillas
Best Foreign Book: Now we are sick, an anthology of poems
Best Foreign Short Story: “Venganza” [“Vengeance”] by Liudmila Petrushevskaia

The 21st Domingo Santos Award was also presented to an unpublished novela at XXX Hispacon. The winner was “Orpheus” by M. Bracelli, a story about a boy and his twin whose father has been sent to work in a station at an asteroid in a dying galaxy. The award includes a cash prize and publication.

The 8th Bárbara Watt Award was presented at the 14th Aznarcon, held in conjunction with XXX Hispacon. The award goes to a story related to the Aznar Saga. The winners (tie) were “Días de descanso en Nuevo Madrid” [“At Ease in New Madrid”] by Enrique Alamillo and “Naufragio” [“Shipwreck”] by Joaquín Gallardo.